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3D Lemmings - DOS


  • Quicklink: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Taxing, 58 - Snake Level 58

  • Snake

  • Number of lemmings that drop: 80

  • Release rate: 70

  • Available time: 07:00

  • Lemmings to save: 50

  • Skills: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Taxing, 58 - Snake
  • Overview: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Taxing, 58 - Snake
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  • Make the first lemming from the outer entrance a turner and the second one a bomber so he blows up on the lower piece in the wall. The first lemming from the inner entrance should be made a blocker (#1). Now use turners to guide the lemmings from the outer entrance and set on to blow up on the lower pieces in the wall (#2). Repeat this five times. Near the end of the gray path, use the turners to get to the really end and blow up one lemming on the very last block. The remaining lemmings must be turner to the left sooner so they are in line with the lemmings from the inner entrance (#3). Now wait until the lemmings get home.

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Graphics: 3D Lemmings, DOS platform.