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3D Lemmings


3D Lemmings is the first lemmings game not developed by DMA Design, but by Clockwork Games. The game is released in 1995 by Psygnosis on the Sony Playstation and for MS-Dos.


Since Lemmings is in 2D, the game 3D Lemmings has a great change in appearance. Every level is now a 3D environment in which 3D lemmings walk around. The player must turn the level around so he can see where the lemmings are going. This has given the gameplay an extra difficulty. Luckily there is no real change in the skills available to the player except a new skill to turn lemmings left or right.


3D Lemmings does not continue the storyline started in The Lemmings Chronicles. This could be due that the storyline wasn't really finished and / or that DMA Design wasn't involved in the development. It has somewhat of it's own storyline where the lemmings start in 2D and find a button that makes them 3D. This is shown to the player in a movie, it shows a flat lemming climbing out of a computerdrive and finding a button that says '3D'. When he presses the button, the computer explodes and 3D lemmings walk out of it.

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