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The Lemmings Encyclopedia



I am not connected to Psygnosis, DMA Design, Take 2 Games, Sony or any other company that has or had been involved with creating lemmings games. This site is made because I love the game and want to showcase it to the world. I do not own any trademark for lemmings.


Having said that, it can be that information on this site is incorrect. This is not intentionally and, if you find some, should be reported to me so I can correct it. To do this, go to the E-mail form, and fill it out.


If you came to this site looking for full versions of the games, you should look further, I'll only offer demo's and other shareware (lemmings) games. The full (lemmings) games you might find here, are free to distribute.


The graphics you'll find on this site are made by me or taken from the lemmings games. If they are taken from a lemmings game, it's shown on the page where the graphics are shown.


If you want to copy anything from this site, I would like to hear from you what and why. To do this, go to the E-mail form, and fill it out.

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