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Lemmings Paintball


The game produced by Richard Biltcliffe among others and was released in 1996 on the Sony Playstation and for Microsoft Windows by Psygnosis. As the precedeing lemmings games, Lemmings Paintball also has a lot of levels, ranging from very easy to very difficult. Those levels take place in a snow, temperate, futuristic or a Lego scenario.


Unlike the other lemmings games, where the player gives skills to the lemmings so they can get to the exit, this game is more like a shooter. The player is given the control over one or more lemmings who have a pump-action paint gun. To get to the exit of a level, enemies have to be shot and items have to be found.

Besides the difference in gameplay, Lemmings Paintball also has a different viewpoint. The player looks at the level from above in an isometric view. It takes some playing around to get used to the view, but it plays fine.


The music for Lemmings Paintball was made by Mike Clarke, which has led to some catchy tunes. Unfortunately, he was limited to using the MIDI format for the music. This makes the music sound different depening on the soundcard it is played through. Mike says that the version for the Sony Playstation sounds almost as he intended it. If one want to hear the musisc as intended, they should play it back on a Roland JB-1080 in General MIDI mode,

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