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The Adventures of Lomax



The following skills are available:

The whirling attack
Basic attack.
The magic helmet
Allows to destroy remote enemies but can also absorb an attack. When that happens, the helmet will dissapear.
The ignited helmet
When thrown, it can attack several enemies at ones. The amount is of ignited helmets are limited.
The helmet-hook
With the helmet-hook, Lomax can grab floating platforms and can cross pits. The amount of helmet-hooks are limited.
The helmet-sailplane
With the helmet-sailplane, Lomax can jump higher for a certain amount of time, it's use is limited.
Construction of bridges
A limited amount of bricks can be places on top of eachother to reach high places.
Dig away the ground
A few moments, Lomax is able to dig away the wall or the floor.

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