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The Adventures of Lomax


The Adventures of Lomax was released in 1997 by Psygnosis on the Sony Playstation and Microsoft Windows. The game was created by Erwin Kloibhofer and Henk Nieborg, who were also responsible for Flink and Lionheart.


As compared to the original Lemmings, The Adventures of Lomax is a side-scrolling platform game, much like the early Sonic the Hedgehog or Rayman games. The player now is in control of one lemming, rather then guiding several lemmings. With the control of the lemming, the player has to complete several levels, freeing lemmings and beating bosses.


A creature named "Evil Ed" transformed all but one lemming into weird creatures. The lemming that could escape, is named Lomax. This is the lemming that is controlled by the player. It's up to Lomax to save the transformed lemmings by completing several levels. Lomax can use his magic helmet with skills that can be picked up in the levels to defeat the level enemies.

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