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The Lemmings Chronicles


The third sequel for Lemmings is named The Lemmings Chronicles but is also know as All New World of Lemmings in Europe. Besides the name, there is no change in the game. There are 3 tribes with lemmings for the player to guide to the exit in 30 levels per tribe.

The story continues where Lemmings 2: The Tribes stopped, the lemmings escaped their island with their flying ark and have found new land. The 12 tribes, are all going to their own island and it's up to the player to help the Classic, Egyptian and Shadow tribe to make it to their island. The levels they encounter can have lemmings in them before the entrance opens up. These lemmings have fallen out of the ark when it was flying.

The gameplay in The Lemmings Chronicles is a bit different as compared to the earlier lemmings games, the lemmings pick up tools in the level which they can use for climbing, building, digging, etc. This can be controlled by the player.

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