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Lemmings Paintball


The screen consists of a part showing the level in which the lemmings walk and a part where the player see information on the level. The player can also choose skills to asign to the lemmings in this part of the screen. All levels have a name, a total number of lemmings, a minimum percentage off lemmings you need to save, a minimum release rate and a time limit. Sometimes, the name gives away a clue on how to solve the level.

When the level starts, the entrance opens and lemmings start falling out for the player to guide to the exit. During this travel the player can choose from a number of skills and asign them to the lemmings. The number of skills is always eight and the types are always the same for every level. But the number of times the player can assign one skill to a level varies in every level. It can even happen, the player can't choose a skill at all. This makes solving some levels a real challenge.


And while the lemmings are walking around given skills by the player, they can be hindered by one of the following:

Duplicator Lemmings Paintball - Duplicator
In classic Lemmings games you had to guide your lemmings to homes at the end of the level. In Lemmings Paintball, you must guide your lemmings through obstacles aplenty to capture the enemy flags. Only when you have captured all of them in a level can you progress to the next level. There can be up to flags per level and each lemming can only capture one each. This means that if a level has 2 flags and your second lemming got killed then you might as well restart the level. Duplicators are very rare so you can’t always count on finding one.
Red flags only appear in 2-player mode and represent the flags that your opponent must capture.
Flags Lemmings Paintball - Flags
This machine allows you to duplicate up to a maximum of 4 lemmings, making it very handy for replacing lemmings killed in action. They are very common in multiplayer games but you’ll rarely see them in single player mode. If a single player level has one then it usually means that there are more flags to collect in the level than you have been given lemmings. It is important to note that each lemming can only hold one flag.
Switches Lemmings Paintball - Switches
You will find switches in most levels of Lemmings Paintball. They operate other objects such as barrier, platforms and sometimes slippery floors. On harder levels it isn’t always easy to know what the effect of pulling a switch has done, as the function that it performed might be on another part of the map. A clicking sound usually suggests that the switch has operated a moving platform, while a hydrolic type sound thingy usually means that a rising platform has been operated.
Barriers Lemmings Paintball - Barriers
Barriers prevent access to certain parts of a level. They are usually opened by switches and keys, but sometimes you can get away with merely clicking on them. If a key is required for a barrier, when you walk up to the barrier an image of the colour key required will hover above it.
Keys Lemmings Paintball - Keys
Keys can be found in one of three colours within crates, and are used to open barrier. You cannot exchange a key from one lemming to another unless the key holder lemming dies, in which case the key will appear back where it was found.
Exploding Crates Lemmings Paintball - Exploding Crates
Keys can be found in one of three colours within crates, and are used to open barrier. You cannot exchange a key from one lemming to another unless the key holder lemming dies, in which case the key will appear back where it was found.
Balloons Lemmings Paintball - Balloons
Balloons are a fast, but rare form of transport in Lemmings Paintball. Your lemmings can pick them up and use them to fly up high over the obstacles that block their passage. Different coloured balloons will float you to their corresponding barber pole. When they reach it they will pop and you won’t be able to use the balloon again. You can carry more than one balloon but you have to use them in the backwards order to how you collected them.
Clocks Lemmings Paintball - Clocks
Collecting a clock will provide you with more time to complete a level, usually around 30 seconds. They are usually only placed in levels if you’re really going to need them, so to see a clock is a sure sign that the level is going to be fast-paced!
Sacks of Points Lemmings Paintball - Sacks of Points
Nestled away in various levels you will find sacks of points. They harmlessly sit there and allow you to boost you point score, which doesn’t really do anything but the thought was nice.
Ammo Lemmings Paintball - Ammo
Even the most efficient marksmen will need to stock up on paint at some point. You will find these ammo blobs scattered about many levels so running out of paint is rarely an issue. If you find loads of these ammo blobs together then it’s a sure sign that you’ve got a lot of shooting ahead!


To make live even harder, several traps can be found:

Paint Blobs Lemmings Paintball - Paint Blobs
These are nasty little things, but although they can’t shoot at you, you can’t shoot at them either. One touch and they’ll engulf your poor lemming in paint, sacrificing itself and the lemming with it. They guard parts of the level by travelling back and forth between two points, and require you to carefully time you actions to avoid losing precious lemmings and shouting an obscenity.
Paint Mines Lemmings Paintball - Paint Mines
One minute you could be walking along happily without a care in the world, when all of a sudden you’ll find yourself propelled in the air by a fountain of paint. An easy school boy error. The trained eye is always on the lookout for those little green pimples.
Claw Lemmings Paintball - Claw
Beware the claw! My lemming was just walking along and then… then… no I can’t talk about it. I hear his squeak for help even to this day. Just be careful out there, ok?

Playing a level

In the game you control 1-4 lemmings who you move around by left-clicking the destination you want them to go to. Right-clicking will make the selected lemming(s) shoot in the direction of the mouse cursor. Aside from shooting enemy lemmings, the levels are based on huge puzzles, which require good memory, good finger reflexes and sometimes a great deal of patience. You’ll have to pull and push levers, pick up keys, dodge paint mines, dodge enemy paintballs, shoot enemies, jump into duplicators, drift high in the sky with balloons and loads more. Right up to the last level, the game will surprise you with brilliant puzzle ideas- just like other Lemmings games. It‘s great fun.

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