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Lemmings Revolution


In the end of 1999, the first demo was released which was only available on the, now gone, Psygnosis UK website. This demo was preceded by a press release posted in the newsgroup alt.lemmings:

Lemmings Revolution Promises To Have Gamers In A Spin!

An exclusive Lemmings demo and limited edition prizes await gamers at a new website being launched on 31st August by the brand's creators Psygnosis. The playable PC demo will be available to download, giving players a sneak preview of an exciting concept that the UK based developers are rumoured to be considering as a new PC-CD ROM game.

With the title 'Lemmings Revolution', the one level demo is a spin on the highly addictive original that had players glued to their cliff edges when the furry rodents first fell on to our PCs in 1991.

Located at the site will offer you the chance to win some fantastic prizes including a Sony Discman and limited edition Lemmings Revolution T-shirts. The team at Psygnosis will also be giving you the rare opportunity to have your say on the concept of Lemmings Revolution and whether you would like to see this early demo developed into a full game.

But you'll have to hurry - while Psygnosis aren't giving any secrets away about the demo other than its arrival on 31st August, they have warned that the site will be live for two weeks only. After that, who knows? If our furry friends have their way we could be in for a full revolution!

When Psygnosis removed the demo from their website, the said that the full game would never get released. Chris Chwon, lead programmer of Lemmings Revolution wrote in the Lemmings newsgroup:

Following Drakan's commercial failure, Sony/Psygnosis are moving away from PC development and Lemmings Revolution fell casualty to this.

However, later, the Lemmings Revolution programmer found another company to publish the game, Talonsoft. The full game was finally released in April 2000 for Microsoft Windows. By then, Talonsoft was part of Take-Two Interactive.

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