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Quick solution

3D Lemmings - DOS


  • Quicklink: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Fun, 15 - The M-A-Z-E Level 15

  • The M-A-Z-E

  • Number of lemmings that drop: 40

  • Release rate: 50

  • Available time: 05:00

  • Lemmings to save: 30

  • Skills: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Fun, 15 - The M-A-Z-E
  • Overview: 3D Lemmings, DOS, Fun, 15 - The M-A-Z-E
  • Subfigure: 1Subfigure: 2Subfigure: 3
  • Make the first lemming a turner to guide the lemmings to the transporter (#1). The first lemming being transported must turn the lemmings to the right. Make the next lemming a leftturner just before the first corner. You should bash through the wall (#2). One last leftturner is needed to get the lmmings home (#3). Don't increase the release rate, the transporter can't handle multiple lemmings at once.

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Graphics: 3D Lemmings, DOS platform.