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Quick solution

Lemmings - Amiga


  • Quicklink: Lemmings, Amiga, Mayhem, 1 - Steel Works Level 1

  • Steel Works

  • Number of lemmings that drop: 100

  • 90% to be saved

  • Release rate: 15

  • Available time: 08:00

  • Skills: Lemmings, Amiga, Mayhem, 1 - Steel Works
  • Overview: Lemmings, Amiga, Mayhem, 1 - Steel Works
  • Turn the first five lemmings into floaters. Turn the second lemming into a blocker and let the third one build to the left. Turn the fourth into a blocker at the left of the platform. Now let the first lemming build out of the large pit. Build over the little pit in the steel and to the platform above the water. Now work your way up to the exit and blow up the blocker.

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Graphics: Lemmings, Amiga platform.