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Quick solution

Lemmings - Amiga


  • Quicklink: Lemmings, Amiga, Taxing, 13 - Upsidedown World Level 13

  • Upsidedown World

  • Number of lemmings that drop: 100

  • 99% to be saved

  • Release rate: 40

  • Available time: 06:00

  • Skills: Lemmings, Amiga, Taxing, 13 - Upsidedown World
  • Overview: Lemmings, Amiga, Taxing, 13 - Upsidedown World
  • Turn the first lemming into a blocker and the second one into a climber. Climb over the first obstacle and mine down at the second obstacle. At the right dept, bash to the left. When you're near the second one-way obstacle, build so you stop bashing. You should walk back to the starting point, bash through the first one-way obstacle. When you are walking back to the exit, you should climb over the second one-way obstacle. When you're over it, build to turn back. Now mine down to complete the path to the exit.

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Graphics: Lemmings, Amiga platform.