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Quick solution

Lemmings - Amiga


  • Quicklink: Lemmings, Amiga, Taxing, 17 - X marks the spot Level 17

  • X marks the spot

  • Number of lemmings that drop: 100

  • 90% to be saved

  • Release rate: 50

  • Available time: 07:00

  • Skills: Lemmings, Amiga, Taxing, 17 - X marks the spot
  • Overview: Lemmings, Amiga, Taxing, 17 - X marks the spot
  • Turn the second and third lemming into a bomber and build over the lava pit with the first lemming. Once over it, build again over the pit. Now bash through the wall towards the exit. Build over the gap and bash again. Now build out of the pit you've created.

    -= Another solution from Danbuster =-
    I won't argue with the last part of the solution given here... really, it doesn't matter how you dig through the wall to the exits.
    But I am suggesting that it is possible to beat this level with all lemmings safe. Instead of making two lemmings bombers to create a hole for the others, you can make the first lemming mine down to the metal plate to stop them going into the lava. Of course, you'll have to make the next two lemming builders so that they don't try and walk past him.
    Next step is to build a bridge up to the wall for the trailblazer lemming to start his dig from - another lemming should become a miner and break the bridge so that the others can't follow till you're ready for them.

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